Canadian friends, I’m afraid we’ve been rejected twice for Canadian charitable status in spite of us being a registered charity in the United States. The CRA does NOT like that we work in Sierra Leone – an extremely volatile country, and corrupt also – and it also doesn’t like that we don’t have MORE control of the finances and how they are used after we wire them to each country (it is our hope to create autonomy in each country we work in, but this, as you can imagine, is not very reassuring to the Canadian government). We are so sorry, but hope you will prayerfully consider giving anyway, knowing that 100% of your donation goes directly to its intended source – we do not keep anything for ourselves, and try also to cover admin costs using our own finances.

If so led, you can donate via Paypal HERE.

*Note: please prayerfully consider giving 2.9% more than you intended (multiply the sum of what you are giving by .029), in order to cover Paypal fees, allowing more of your donation to directly impact families in Uganda and Sierra Leone.

To mail a check, please send to:
The Lulu Tree Development Fellowship
4806-51 Ave., Neerlandia AB T0G 1R0 CANADA


If you are interested in wiring funds, please e-mail us at

Thank you for your support.